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Translation & Localization

Word Par provides convenient solutions to your translation requirements. Be it simple documents such as bank statements and travel documents to more complex documents such as product manuals and legal agreements - we have it all covered with teams of specialized and qualified translations, always native users of the target language.

Our network of project managers, translators, proofreaders and editors ensure a fool proof process of translation and quality checks with close attention to correct usage of registers appropriate to the field of translation.

Our localization teams ensure cultural and linguistic sensitivity towards the target audience is maintained in all our client's translation projects.

Word Par International is a Translation & Localization Services Company with its registered office at Bangalore, India. Branch offices are located at Mississauga, Canada. Translation and localization services are provided with the help of professional localization experts and translators from across the globe. Our translation and localization services are performed by native translators of the target language who are equally proficient in the source language. The translation and localization services company is a member of the American Translators' Association and has the necessary recognition to undertake legally binding translations too.